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How Does It Work?

On every page We have Services offered for best prices on line form service providers. There is a form for visitors to fill for what ever they need, like scraping cars or towing or Used Auto Parts and so on. They Submitted a form with their information and waiting for Different Quotes and Prices to be offered to them for services they need.

Who Will Get the Leads?

Who Ever is on our list will receive e mails based on their Services offered. We have much less Competition then what pops on Google and some other Local Directories and we tend to be our self’s on top spots every day on most of them. We know how hard it is and that’s why we know how to make it so easy for you.

How Much Will it Coast Us?

The Pricing is simple. When we Where Deciding on how much should we charge for this we brought to consideration How much Google charges for pay per click (and we are high up on the first page on Organic links) and other directory fees and we based our rates on best ROI (Return on Investment) we Could possibly think of.  Our Rate is $49.00 for the whole month. This Price is less then what it coast for one DAY on per per click and half of what it coast to be one week on first page on some directories. We believe the Return on your investment should be great, considering your first Profit from our leads should cover the whole month of advertizing if not More.

How many E mails Should we Expect a month?

On average there will be 15-50 leads a month at 2013. By 2014 we expect it to grow to a much larger number of leads for you to enjoy and make profit on.

How do we Start?

Just Send us an E mail with your contact information and request a pay pal invitation to join our list. indicate which service you provide and we will process your request in 24-48 hours and you will begin to receive Customers E mails Same Day.


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